Park Lane Primary

Filtering and Monitoring- Protecting Our Children in School

At Park Lane we are robust in our Safeguarding our children and take the view point that it could happen here so therefore we are consistently and constantly vigilant our provision.

This duty of care encompasses the online safety and curriculum we provide our children for protecting themselves online. 

We use the Meeting Digital and Technology Standards in Schools and Colleges standards to ensire our provision is up to date and in line with the current KCSiE 2023 guidance. 

If you have any questions or concerns about our filtering and monitoring in school, please do not hesitate to ring/email to speak to our online monitoring team.

Governor- Fiona Betts

Designated Safeguarding Lead- Hannah Maulini (SENCO)

Deputy DSL- Rebecca Brown (Infant Head of School), Rachel McDonagh (Junior Head of School), Nicola Browne (Executive Head Teacher)

Online Safety Risk Assessment

online safety risk assessment.pdf


Securly Filter is a web filter designed for schools and widely deployed in the UK and around the world. As UK government guidance evolves Securly makes every effort to ensure that its products comply and help schools comply with their statutory obligations around student safety and well-being. Below details how our filtering systems meet the DfE standards.


kcsiecompliance securly.pdf