Park Lane Primary

School Uniform

The School Uniform Policy

All children are expected to wear the regulation school uniform.

The School Uniform Items

 Main uniform

Girls Boys
White Polo Shirt White Polo Shirt
Bottle Green Polo Shirt Bottle Green Polo Shirt
Black or Grey Skirt Black or Grey Trousers
Green & White checked dress Black or Grey Shorts
Green or Grey Pinafore dress

 PE Kit

Girls Boys
Green Shorts Green Shorts
White T-Shirt  White T-Shirt


Purchasing the School Uniform

The Friends of Park Lane Primary School (the schools Parent Teacher Association) sells School Uniform items and accessories, branded with the school logo. All clothing items are of a high quality and durable nature - able to withstand the rigours of daily school life.

From September 2019, school uniform items can be purchased online at Orders placed can be collected from the school.

Alternatively the School Uniform Order Form can be collected from any of the schools administration office

 Non-school branded clothing items can be purchased from most local supermarkets.