Park Lane Primary

Phonics : Phase 5 Sounds

This is the last set of sounds taught to the children:

ay ou ie ea oy ir
ue aw wh ph ew oe
au u-e a-e e-e i-e o-e

We teach the children ditties to help them remember the phonic sounds:

ay may I play
ou shout it out
ie tie in the pie
ea cup of tea
oy toy of a boy
ir whirl and twirl
ue blue glue
aw yawn at dawn
wh white whale
ph photograph of a dolphin
we chew the stew
oe Joe's toe
au Paul the astronaut
u-e huge brute
a-e make a cake
e-e Pete and Steve
i-e  nice smile
o-e phone home






Children are secure working within phase 5 when they can:

  • Give the sound when shown any grapheme that has been taught
  • Write the common graphemes for any given sound
  • Use phonic skill and knowledge as the prime approach to reading and spelling unfamiliar words, including those that are not completely decodable
  • Read and spell phonically decodable two-syllable and three-syllable words